Why is Clean Air Important in Your Paint Shop?

Why is Clean Air Important in Your Paint Shop?

A clean compressed air supply is a very overlooked area in your paint shop. It is especially overlooked for those St. Louis area Body Shops that have not made the move to Waterborne coatings. Acquiring clean air doesn’t always have to be a giant expense, like brand new rotary screw air compressors or high-dollar refrigerant dryers. Although the previous upgrades help tremendously, upgrading or maintaining a 3 or 5 stage air filtration system with the correct size piston compressor for a typical shop can be enough. At Cooper Color our technical staff surprisingly and regularly sees 20 year old, single pot dryers that haven’t had a new filter in years feed a high volume solvent paint shop. What the shops don’t understand is that a sub-par air filtration system can and will affect the end result, even with solvent-borne coatings.

There are several key points when looking at air. 

1) Does your compressor fit the bill? An oversized rotary screw unit can cause you as many issues over time as a worn out piston compressor that is overworked. Do your homework, study your air needs. The nicest dryer setup will fail if your “to-small” compressor is pumping more oil than your Grandma’s Slant Six Dart.   

2) Use good hoses in a paint booth. Hoses are hooked up after the dryer and will break down internally over time after many booth cycles of heat, along with being driven over by a car. Both Flexzilla and Devilbiss make premium quality air hoses for paint booths at an affordable cost. Don’t overlook this one. 

3) Don’t cheat on a dryer setup for your booth. Single pot units won’t cut it in a high volume solvent (let alone a waterborne) shop. SATA, Devilbiss, and RTI make terrific 3 and 5 stage units that will more than dry your booth air. When selecting a dryer setup talk to an experienced paint supplier like Cooper Color who has the knowledge and the support of factory reps for each of these lines.  

Taking a few extra steps to achieve clean air in your shops will pay off in the long run with cleaner, more productive, and better appearing jobs. Rely on Cooper Color for any questions on getting clean air for your shop!