St Louis Area Body Shops: Are you making the most you can on Paint and Material?

One of the most common things we see in St. Louis area Body Shops is that they do not know how much, or do not know at all, their profit and Paint and Material. As a Body Shop, this is a very effective and relatively simple way to turn a large operating expense into a profit for your shop. 

We hear all of the excuses “paint is too expensive”, “the insurance company put a material cap on this job”, the insurance company won’t pay me to blend”, then you have the blend within panel holdback, etc. How do you turn those negatives into a positive? 

To start with the first step is to have a supplier that will partner up with your shop and assist you in the paint and material profit area. At Cooper Color, we are the only supplier that thrives on making our shops profitable. Our competitors just drop off the product and discount your invoice. 

The second and most important step is to track your material use. A big key for our profitable shops is PPG’s Paint Manager software. It allows painters to mix every coating to an RO entered and then gives the shops a variety of reports to check waste, theft, usage, and print Repair Invoices to submit to insurance companies on capped jobs to get the shop more material paid.  PPG’s Paint manager can even be merged with a shop’s estimating or management system to give even more detailed breakdowns on paint profit by insurer, etc. 

When this system is maximized by the shop administration, painters, and Cooper Color Sales Reps, St. Louis area Body Shops can get on the fast track to good material profits and more money in the pot. 

Are you ready to start making serious money on Paint and Material? Contact a Cooper Color Sales Rep today!