St Louis Area Body Shops: Are you making the most you can on Paint and Material?

One of the most common things we see in St. Louis area Body Shops is that they do not know how much, or do not know at all, their profit and Paint and Material. As a Body Shop, this is a very effective and relatively simple way to turn a large operating expense into a profit for your shop. 

We hear all of the excuses “paint is too expensive”, “the insurance company put a material cap on this job”, the insurance company won’t pay me to blend”, then you have the blend within panel holdback, etc. How do you turn those negatives into a positive? 

Why is Clean Air Important in Your Paint Shop?

Why is Clean Air Important in Your Paint Shop?

What Puts Your Body Shop on the Leading Edge

Partnering up with the best jobber doesn’t just mean being on the leading edge of paint.  It means being in the know of all body shop material which includes tools.

The Matrix Wand is a tool that can save the body shop countless hours from writing supplements, emailing, and phone calls to the insurance company.  By using this tool as soon as the car hits your lot, you will know certain measurements quickly that you can’t tell by the human eye.  

Devilbiss Tekna Spray Guns: The closest thing to a Painter in a Box?

As a painter nothing is more exciting as opening the box of a brand new spray gun. Automotive Spray Guns are very broad in shapes, sizes, colors, performance, price, and unfortunately, quality. Like most anything else, with a spray gun you get what you pay for. 

Is your Paint Technician Over-Looking Proper Solvent Selection?

St. Louis Area Body Shops always have one element to deal with that body shops in other parts of the country do not, the ever changing climate in the Midwest. These variations in temperature/humidity make selecting the correct solvent for your coatings supercritical, yet often overlooked.