Cooper Color Can Save Auto Body Shops Time and Money with a DeVilbiss Solvent Saver

The DeVilbiss solvent saver is designed for industrial and commercial accounts, like St. Louis Auto Body Shops that use a pot system.  How would you like to buy 75% less lacquer thinner?  Using a solvent saver takes only a few ounces of solvent to clean your pot system. 

Why a St. Louis Paint Supplier is pushing dry sanding?

You ever walk in your garage or shop and look around and see a bucket of water and about a hundred different sizes and grits of sandpaper? Well you and about everyone else who will read this article has, and don’t get me wrong it’s not completely going away, however it is a dying art, and for good reason.

Does Your Supplier Do More Than Just Paint and Body Shop Supplies??

Obviously, paint and body shop supplies are high on the list here at Cooper Color, however, with the ever changing industry we have had to stay ahead of the curve. By doing so, we have separated ourselves from our competition by online benchmarking, cycle time analysis, paint trend tracker on paint materials, and paint shop throughput to name a few ….

These keys shop performance indicators help their shops get the car out faster, so their customer has as little inconvenience as possible.

How Technology has Helped a St. Louis Metro PPG Paint and Body Shop Supplier

Technology is ever changing and that is no different in the St. Louis paint and body shop business at Cooper Color.  Where technology is used in their in-house spray booth, to properly matching colors and training their customers on the latest and greatest products. 

Cooper Color is investing in 2, 5-angle cameras, that take pictures of colors and develops formulas to achieve the greatest color match in the business with PPG coatings. It is also now available in a UV and water base primer to give PPG coatings the ultimate foundation, with industry leading speed.