PPG Aerospace/Cooper Color Aerospace-EAA/Osh Kosh 2014

Come see PPG Aerospace and Cooper Color Aerospace at this years EAA Osh Kosh event from July 28th through Aug 2nd in the exhibitor Hanger B, booth numbers 2072 and 2073. There will be representatives from PPG Aerospace available to talk about aircraft windows, sealants, paint strippers, aircraft primers and topcoats, and much more.

PPG Aerospace Coatings and Experimental Aircraft

Most people in the general aviation business know that PPG Aerospace coatings are the best there is. Gloss retention, buffability, ease of application, and availability through Cooper Color are all contributing factors why PPG Aerospace coatings are the best. 


PPG Aerospace- Custom Color capabilities

Most of the time, when an aircraft paint shop needs a custom color match, they assume that its going to take a while for their aerospace coatings supplier to get a custom color match done. But when Cooper Color's customers ask for a custom color match, they can usually expect it to be done within a few days. In some cases, our customers Fed Ex us a color standard, we match it, mix it, and Fed Ex it back to them so they get it back the next day. Cooper Color understands the urgency when it comes to AOG(Aircraft On Ground).

St. Louis Area Body Shops: “All Waterborne Paints aren’t the SAME”

We hear these things day in and day out around the St. Louis area, body shops that aren’t using PPG Waterborne coatings say all of the following: 


“It’s hard to use”


“It takes too long to dry”

Are your paint jobs not as clean as they once were?

Let one of Cooper Color’s Certified PPG Tech Reps stop by and do an audit of your paint shop. An audit consists of a series of test starting with a walk through of both the paint booth and mixing room checking for cleanliness, and any areas that could lead to dirt buildup and possible contamination.