Cooper Color offers great paint pricing for the walk-in customer.  PPG DELFLEET ESSENTIAL is a very user friendly and cost effective way of tackling a paint project at home.  


3m Dirt Trap

With the need for speed in production at body shop’s at an all-time high, there is no time to be wasting buffing cars. There is one product that is heads and shoulders above the competition to help limit dirt, and that is 3m Dirt Trap. 

This state of the art product is applied on the paint boothwalls. The product is designed to attract dirt, so it doesn’t end up in a beautiful paint job. Which is why Cooper Color has now made it a standard in all new installs. 

Here is a video to show how easy it is to put on paint booth walls.

PPG Aerospace/ Cooper Color Aerospace - Hanger Paint

Although Cooper Color Aerospace is known for our excellent service and quality PPG Aerospace coatings, we also offer a complete line of PPG Industrial Coatings for the maintenance of your aerospace facility. Cooper Color has supplied various types of coating to aircraft facilities that include hi-gloss floor coatings, exterior metal building paint, interior wall latex paint, ceiling paint, enamel pipe and ductwork coatings, safety yellow floor striping, and parking lot striping paint.