Collision Industry Offers Quality Job Opportunities

For decades the collision industry has been an industry that people could always get into if they didn’t want to go to college, and still make a decent living. Then came state-of-the-art collision technician programs at the local college, where ladies and gentlemen could not only learn a trade but achieve a degree. 


St Louis Area Body Shops: You DO NOT Need Expensive Upgrades to see the Benefits of Waterborne Coatings in your Shop!

There is a ton of speculation floating around trade magazines, the internet, and competitive jobbers about the equipment needed to spray waterborne basecoat in a St. Louis area collision center. We live in a climate where we have very diverse weather conditions that add to the speculation. You hear stories of 6-figure air compressor setups, 30K booth retrofits that include anything from corner blower units to ceiling mounted fans with external motors/drives, and even full blown “waterborne” paint booths. 

PPG Industrial and Commercial Coatings Brought to you by Cooper Color Inc.

Industrial products call for dependable and reliable coatings that can hold up under extreme conditions.  PPG toners, primers, stains, glazes and topcoats are used by leading flooring, window, and door manufacturers worldwide to name just a few of the markets turning to PPG for their coating needs.  PPG is an outstanding choice for the appliance industry offering solutions for even the most environmentally conscious, while offering a wide array of color choices to fit the needs of today’s industrial market.  Any of the knowled

PPG Aerospace Coatings/ Cooper Color Service!

PPG Aerospace Coatings(PRC-Desoto Aerospace Coatings) is well known around the world in the airplane paint industry. Cooper Color Aerospace is becoming a well known supplier for PPG Aerospace Coatings in the Midwest. We are known for having superior products and the absolute best service of any paint distributor around.