Why is Corrosion protection such an important aspect to properly repairing a car?

While sometimes all you look at when you get your car repaired is the paint, or how clean your car is, there is a lot more to a repair then the eye can see. That’s why it is so important for a St.Louis Metro Paint & Supply Distributor to properly train their customers on the proper repair of a car inside and out, and partnering with the industry leading manufactures.  

PPG Aerospace Coatings/Marine Coatings


Waterborne reduces cycle time and increases profits for Sapaugh GM - Article in!

(the following is pulled from an article on from April 1, 2014):


Herculaneum, Mo.—Since taking the reins of the body shop at Sapaugh GM Country, Manager Mike Wolk has been able to reduce cycle time and increase profitability through improved processes and a switch to PPG waterborne paint. 


PPG Aerospace- DEFT Incorporated-Cooper Color Aerospace

PPG Aerospace has recently purchased DEFT Incorporated. Deft has long been the leader in OEM, and Military primer systems. This means, since Cooper Color is a distributor for PPG Aerospace, we now also have access to the DEFT aerospace coatings systems. The DEFT aerospace coatings are primarily used in the manufacturing and fabricating job shops that produce parts for larger OEM’s such as Boeing, Lockheed, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Military, and many more.