Are aerosol spray cans still useful?

Over the years there has been so much change in the automotive paint industry, from where we started with lacquer paints, to the new water-base paints. Instead of tri-coats we now have quad coats. However, one thing that doesn’t seem to be going away are the aerosol spray cans. 

Aerosol spray cans have a convenience like nothing else. Spray cans provide the the ability to literally pull the can off the shelf and just shake, then within seconds you are spraying paint on anything from a 2014 Cadillac to a bicycle.

How 3m Cubitron has helped customer’s of a local Paint and Body shop supplier

With all the products that are out there to help fix cars, one product change seems to have set the benchmark for bodyshop supplies. Cubitron by 3m was launched this year to help technicians of all kinds fix cars faster and simplier. Cubitron is a mineral grade 3m patented, that is designed by 3m used on all their abrasives, including roloc’s, grinding discs, and file belts. 

Check out SEM Products the New 1K Seam Sealer

Cooper Color has been helping St. Louis Area Body Shops by offering the most productive, time saving, and cost effective materials and procedures in the collision industry today. A great example is SEM Products New 1K Seam Sealers. It comes in a variety of colors, and dispenses using a simple caulking gun. It has 5-10 min working time, does not sag, and can be painted immediately.

Important Tips on Do-It-Yourself Paint Jobs

Body Shops in the St. Louis Metro Area thrive on collision-type repair work. Most of these shops rarely or never will take on an overall paint job, let alone something on a classic car. That leaves you the classic car owner a couple of choices. 

First, you can take your baby to a specialized restoration facility and get an incredible quality, full-detail restoration, and that COULD cost you the same amount as a small mortgage. 

Cooper Color Aerospace Explains Custom Metallic Aircraft Colors

Having a custom paint job on your aircraft today means more than just Matterhorn White, with 2 stripe colors. Aircraft owners today are looking for something extra to make them or their company “stand out” above the rest. 

More and more of today’s aircraft are being painted with Metallics and Pearl colors. PPG Aerospace and Cooper Color offer a full color spectrum of metallic colors including aluminum flake, pearls, micas, Harlequin’s, and candy coats.