Is your St. Louis Area Body Shop “Behind the Times”?

Every business today is going lean. Lean processes, lean overhead, lean staffing. At Cooper Color, we help St. Louis area Body Shops go lean at every facet of the refinish process. It could be PPG’s Waterborne finishes, our Waterborne Primer Surfacer, or helping shops implement lean processes in their paint departments. 

One often overlooked area in a body shop where there is big productivity and production to be gained is in the application, preparation, and finishing of body filler. Just like shops still spraying antiquated “solvent” basecoats, the era of grinding metal bare with 36 grit, hammering a heavy coat of $50/gallon plastic filler, cheese-grating it while it’s green, then sanding with 36 grit, then feathering it with 80 grit, then applying a coat of $35/quart finishing glaze, sanding it with 180 grit, and then feathering it with 320 grit…ARE LONG GONE. 

Then the body tech usually primes it twice to fill the aggressive scratches around the repair, which costs a shop more product and time. It sounds like a lot of steps, a lot of sanding, and a lot of product use. Let’s quickly discuss a new process and remarkable product to “lean-out” the metal finishing side of your body shop.

Yet again Cooper Color offers another product to help a St. Louis area body shop make more money and save time. The product is Evercoat’s Quantum 1. Quantum 1 is the world’s first single-step body filler process that allows the body tech to use not only less grits of abrasives but also finer grits. No more expensive and aggressive 36 or 40 grit abrasives in your metal department. Quantum 1 does not require a polyester glaze topcoat either. It is an epoxy-based product that passes 500 hour salt-spray tests for amazing corrosion resistance and can be applied directly to sanded OE Clearcoats. Quantum 1 has 3 different hardeners to allow the tech different dry times depending on the size of the repair and the metal temperature. 

How about taking a small dent, abrading it with 180 grit while not breaking through the clearcoat, applying a coat of Quantum 1, sanding it again with 180 grit, feathering it with 320 grit, and applying primer surfacer? 

Does that sound much faster and less expensive than the repair in the previous paragraph? Of course it does. 


If you want to see first-hand the benefits of Evercoat’s Quantum 1 and “go lean” in your metal department, turn to the “lean” experts at Cooper Color.