St. Louis Area Body Shops wonders if your Paint Supplier is a true Business Partner

For a long time all you needed as a body shop was a supplier that could run over a pint of paint and a roll of sandpaper in 10 minutes, give you a “deal”, and not screw up your billing every month. Everywhere you looked, there was a parts house with a paint line beating down your door wanting your paint business. It was a time when it was much easier for body shops to make money. There wasn’t a “cycle time” push, a scorecard, length of rental scores, or the constant battle to keep work flowing into your shops. Those were the days. 

In today’s ever-changing amazingly-competitive collision industry you can’t do it alone as a body shop. Unfortunately, in our market, many paint suppliers still have the “give a huge discount and drop off a box of paint within a day of ordering it” mentality. That doesn’t help you as a collision center, even though traditional thinking tells you it doesn’t matter.

At Cooper Color and PPG, we strive on educating our body shop customers in every facet of the collision industry. New products that might save labor times, no-bake clearcoats and primers, educating estimators on capturing more work, helping shops get paid for what they do when they repair a vehicle. Then it’s the value added services like PPG’s MVP Business Development Series, Trend Trackers that track your material use/material profits, along with Industry Nights to share time with other shops and Industry insiders. 

PPG even has a Business Development person that strictly helps St. Louis Area Body Shops with the performance side of the business. Cooper Color has three Sales Representatives that have a background in the automotive business going back decades, plus two Technical Representatives that have over 35 years combined of spraying experience. 

Make no mistake, we are in the “know”. Most suppliers are adding extra paint lines and buying out of state locations, moving out of state, and cutting more and more field reps. But don’t forget, they have that great discount….


As a St. Louis area Body Shop it is pretty obvious who you should “partner” up with….the team that has the most Waterborne Collision Shops, the best color match, the best business development education offerings, the best technical support and training, and the Paint Supplier that thrives on helping their Collision Center Partners make the most money…..Cooper Color and PPG!