PPG Aerospace- DEFT Incorporated-Cooper Color Aerospace

PPG Aerospace has recently purchased DEFT Incorporated. Deft has long been the leader in OEM, and Military primer systems. This means, since Cooper Color is a distributor for PPG Aerospace, we now also have access to the DEFT aerospace coatings systems. The DEFT aerospace coatings are primarily used in the manufacturing and fabricating job shops that produce parts for larger OEM’s such as Boeing, Lockheed, Gulfstream, Bombardier, Military, and many more. 


Cooper Color Aerospace is planning on building inventory as demand picks up. We will inventory any special DEFT products for the OEM job shops if they have an ongoing project. At that point, the end user will have access to those products whenever they need them, therefore keeping their inventory levels low, and not having to wait for the coatings to be shipped from the factory. 


So remember Cooper Color for your PPG Aerospace, and Deft coatings needs.