PPG Aerospace Coatings/Marine Coatings


PPG Aerospace Coatings are common place in General Aviation paint shops, painting everything from home built experimental aircraft all the way up to the largest of the airliners. But did you know that PPG Aerospace's 8800 and  8000 series topcoats can be used on any type of watercraft as well? 


Whether you are painting your own fishing boat, or having your yacht refurbished, Cooper Color and PPG have the right coatings for you. The experts at Cooper Color Aerospace can assist you in choosing the correct products you need to paint your boat. 


From cleaners, to sanding, etching the metal, adhesion promoters for plastics, primers for metal or fiberglass, choosing the colors, to spraying or rolling the topcoats, Cooper Color can help get you on the way to a great new look for your boat!!!