The Most Expensive Material for a St.Louis Area Body Shop: A Cheap Abrasive

ne of the oldest ways body shop owners/managers “TRY” to cut costs is by using a low-cost, value priced, or “cheap” sandpaper or abrasive line for their shop. Usually these Cheap abrasives are purchased from the local “wagon-peddler” and are nothing more than throw away product that the wagon peddler has an extremely high margin on. 

It’s always interesting when a shop owner/manager says: “if you can get me a roll of 320 grit DA paper for $22, I’ll buy it from you”. Then, as you walk the shop, you’ll find about 123 pieces of some odd-colored mutilated DA paper laying around a body tech who is DA’ing an e-coated hood to get ready for sealer. It sounds like that $22/roll of 320 was a really great deal. 

So let’s get down to business….

As a St. Louis area Collision Center, how about you partner with a paint supplier who is known for helping their shops’ achieve the highest possible material profits? 

Cooper Color has it figured out. It’s not just about providing our shops with the most productive and profitable PPG Refinish lines, it’s about helping a shop be profitable throughout the different areas of material use. We mention abrasives, because it is the most often overlooked-yet-most important piece of material in a body shop. 

Why not buy a box of 3M’s Purple Clean or Norton’s A975 Ceramic 320 DA abrasive? 

Yes, on an invoice it’s 2-3 times higher than the $22 roll you bought off the wagon, but a tech can do a hood in 2-3 sheets vs 7-10 sheets of a cheap abrasive. That’s the difference, cost vs price. 

Some “other”paint suppliers wouldn’t mind selling you 7 rolls of a cheap DA paper a week, however, at Cooper Color we would rather sell you two boxes of a premium abrasive and have your shop save labor time, and make more profit. 

As a St. Louis area Collision Center isn’t it time to partner up with a supplier that looks out for your bottom line? Call on Cooper Color to help you with all of your paint and material needs.