How 3m Cubitron has helped customer’s of a local Paint and Body shop supplier

With all the products that are out there to help fix cars, one product change seems to have set the benchmark for bodyshop supplies. Cubitron by 3m was launched this year to help technicians of all kinds fix cars faster and simplier. Cubitron is a mineral grade 3m patented, that is designed by 3m used on all their abrasives, including roloc’s, grinding discs, and file belts. 

Just like all the other premium 3m products, all Cubitron products are purple in color. The main advantage of Cubitron is it’s industry leading cutting ability, which let’s body shop tech’s use less products while providing an outstanding finish product. 

With those advantages it helps body shop tech’s fix cars at a faster rate, so more cars can roll through the shop. So if you are wanting to take a look at this product, please stop by your local Cooper Color inc.