Devilbiss Tekna Spray Guns: The closest thing to a Painter in a Box?

As a painter nothing is more exciting as opening the box of a brand new spray gun. Automotive Spray Guns are very broad in shapes, sizes, colors, performance, price, and unfortunately, quality. Like most anything else, with a spray gun you get what you pay for. 

A $185 tool truck or E Bay/Craiglist no-name special paint gun is dangerous. First of all, 99% of them don’t have the proper approval/paperwork for the EPA NESHAP/6H rule. Secondly, they might not have the stainless internals and proper design for atomizing today’s high tech waterborne coatings like PPG’s Envirobase. Third, when they fail (and they will), there is no expert technical support like Cooper Color has to help with the issue. 

As a painter having a good spray gun designed to work with the coating system you spray and having the support staff to help dial it in is a must. Devilbiss launched several years ago a gun line called Tekna. Tekna’s have morphed into the gun of choice for solvent and waterborne painters alike for it’s bulletproof design, QuickClean coating for easy cleanup, and it’s extreme adjustability for any climate.

The Tekna Pro-Lite comes with three different fluid tips/nozzles and two air caps for dialing-in a painter with any paint system and condition imaginable. The Tekna’s also offer other spray guns like the Tekna Copper for sealers and topcoats. Instead of a painter having several guns for different conditions, why not spray a Tekna Pro and let a Cooper Color technical representative dial in the fluid nozzle and air cap to make the gun work for you! 

Cooper Color proudly distributes the entire Devilbiss/Tekna line from both of our locations. We have expert in-house support on every Tekna gun as well as terrific field support from our Devilbiss reps. Try a Tekna in your shop today…..