Cooper Color Commercial Coatings

PPG offers many options for commercial coatings, including one called Commercial Performance Coatings (CPC). This is a single stage topcoat that with just changing resins, you can achieve many levels of single stage finishes.  This product is also the most commonly used in heavy equipment painting, because it stretches the dollar.

A very commonly used topcoat is AUE-370.  By using the 370 resin, you have a direct to metal top coat (DTM). This finish allows you to skip the primer stage of the commercial painting game.  AUE-370 is most used on a blasted finish and adheres to the rough surface beautifully.  AUE-370 has great fill capabilities.

This product just keeps getting better and better.  It also is made for one trip around the piece of equipment.  Which makes for a very easy day painting commercial equipment.  CPC is offered in all the farm implement colors, big truck dealers, and other factory equipment colors most commonly used.


Cooper Color has been selling this product to our customers for a long time with great results.  The Cooper Color staff can direct you to the correct CPC finish that you are looking for.