Cooper Color Aerospace Explains Custom Metallic Aircraft Colors

Having a custom paint job on your aircraft today means more than just Matterhorn White, with 2 stripe colors. Aircraft owners today are looking for something extra to make them or their company “stand out” above the rest. 

More and more of today’s aircraft are being painted with Metallics and Pearl colors. PPG Aerospace and Cooper Color offer a full color spectrum of metallic colors including aluminum flake, pearls, micas, Harlequin’s, and candy coats.

We have recently matched metallic colors for custom aircraft paint schemes such as White Pearl with a Charcoal Base, Bright Metallic Silver with carbon fiber accent colors, White Pearl with a Bright Blue Pearl split base, Bright Silver Mica Pearl with Charcoal accent colors, White Pearl with Red Candy Coat stripes, and many more. All of these colors are custom made to that particular aircraft or fleet. This ensures your aircraft colors are uniquely yours. 

So whether you are an aircraft owner, or you are an aircraft re-finisher, let the aircraft paint professionals at Cooper Color help you pick the exotic colors for your next custom aircraft paint job.