Check out SEM Products the New 1K Seam Sealer

Cooper Color has been helping St. Louis Area Body Shops by offering the most productive, time saving, and cost effective materials and procedures in the collision industry today. A great example is SEM Products New 1K Seam Sealers. It comes in a variety of colors, and dispenses using a simple caulking gun. It has 5-10 min working time, does not sag, and can be painted immediately.

It’s tremendous workability allows the technician to duplicate a wide variety of OEM textures, designs, and patterns. Why use expensive, two-component seam sealers in certain areas on a vehicle repair when you can save money, time, and have an exceptional quality seam sealer at a practical price. SEM Products is just another line Cooper Color offers St. Louis area body shops to help them be the most productive and profitable.

Here is a link to a YouTube video showing the SEM 1K Seam Sealers: