Are you a St. Louis Area Body Shop Still Going Through Full Refinish Steps on Under Hood, Core Supports, and Jambs?


Body Shops have forever treated the “trimming, cutting-in, or jambing” of repairs similar to that of regular exterior panels. Depending on the vehicle, some shops seal, base, and clearcoat an entire under hood area, core supports, under side of deck-lids, and door jambs. If you add up the sanding or scuffing of the aforementioned areas, the sealing, color, and clearcoat steps, it is an often overlooked and profit draining process in your paint department. The OEM’s have also changed the game with “semi-gloss” finishes in door jambs and under hoods, and also by having a different color on core supports and inner fenders/firewalls than on the car (such as a solid grey on a Ford with a similar shaded silver color on the exterior). 


Some body shops will seal an under hood area, and just spray solvent basecoat with no clearcoat over the top, which has no resistance to nasty under hood chemicals. Another popular solvent basecoat option is to add a basecoat activator to the under hood solvent color with no clearcoat, which does give you the durability, but does not match the sheen of the OE coating. 


So down to business, how does a St. Louis area body shop quickly and accurately match OE under hood and jamb colors without elevating refinish times and wasting extra material? 


How about PPG Envirobase’s Engine Bay system? 


PPG’s Envirobase Engine Bay system has four fan decks of actual OEM engine bay colors to match any vehicle. You can also convert existing “pre-mixed” Envirobase colors to Engine Bay by adding PPG’s T510 converter and T581 hardener, which turns your regular Envirobase basecoat into a chemical-resistant, quick hiding, semi-gloss color to align with the OE look. 


When you combine the Envirobase Engine Bay System with PPG’s “ECS” series chromatic sealers that can be applied DIRECTLY to un-sanded OEM E-Coat, the days of going through 4 steps to cut-in a fender are long gone. PPG Envirobase’s Engine Bay system is just another reason why PPG and Cooper Color are leading St. Louis Area Body Shops into the future with quicker paint shop cycle times and less material use.




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