Are aerosol spray cans still useful?

Over the years there has been so much change in the automotive paint industry, from where we started with lacquer paints, to the new water-base paints. Instead of tri-coats we now have quad coats. However, one thing that doesn’t seem to be going away are the aerosol spray cans. 

Aerosol spray cans have a convenience like nothing else. Spray cans provide the the ability to literally pull the can off the shelf and just shake, then within seconds you are spraying paint on anything from a 2014 Cadillac to a bicycle.

Now I wouldn’t suggest painting a whole car with an aerosol can, but for touch –up scratches and dents , it is a perfect option for the ‘do it your self’ guy. With the ability of getting your color in a single stage (clear already in the can) or a basecoat formula to where you clear after the application of your basecoat, things could never be simpler. 

People are unaware of the fact that you can also get aerosols in self-etch primer, primer, clear coat, and guide coat to basically give the ‘guy in the garage’ the opportunity to do a small repair from start to finish without spending an arm and leg while still providing a respectable cosmetic repair. 

So the next time you have a scratch on your bumper please come to either location of Cooper Color Inc., and let the trained staff guide you through your next repair.